Investors and Real Estate Developers

Project Conformation

Professional Advice

Mistik Condohotels & Residences as a specialized firm professionally offers the management of this type of project, ranging from the formation of the idea, project development, implementation of the processes to operation and hotel marketing.

Investing in a Condo Hotel is good business for investors. The owner of a unit gets an income that doubles the traditional incomes; that is to say, they obtain annual returns of 8% to 12% per year in dollars, in addition to the appreciation value of the property, to the personal use of the unit in different periods of the year and to the professional hotel service that receives.


If you are interested in knowing more about the investment opportunities that Mistik Condohotels & Residences can offer you, please contact us or schedule an appointment for us to show you the great opportunity of which many investors are already reaping the benefits.


The owner of a unit within a Condohotel operated by Expert Companies, gives you the possibility of having an asset that is assured of its maintenance coverage in the best level of quality and, more importantly, the possibility of having a capital gain for the appreciation of the property over time, in the hand of the success of the income and as a consequence of the increase in price in luxury properties.

The figure of the Condo Hotel is a modality of real estate business in which, in a property subject to the condominium property, you can acquire housing units that have the infrastructure, equipment and services of a high level tourist accommodation.

They are Luxury Condominiums with Hotel Services.

Like in any real estate investment is important the location, but even more the enterprise of rent as a hotel. And this should be in the hands of professional people.

Condo Hotels are real estate investments that combine condominium ownership with hotel services. Under this scheme, the owners of the condominiums cede the use and / or usufruct of the units to the operator company, so that it develops the hotel activity. There is a business partnership between the Owner and the Operator Company.

For the Real Estate Developers we act as a guide, through the Professional Consulting, from the beginning of the project, completion, sale, operation and administration of it.