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Condohotels & Residences

Confort, Trust & Security

Ideal for the Executive, Student or Family

Established in 2006, Mistik Condohotels & Residences is distinguished as one of the first companies operating and managing luxury Condohotels and residences in México. This company is focused on the operation and management of real estate under the concept of Condohotel and Vacation Rentals, both in touristic and urban destinations. This company serves to fulfill the demand of a new hotel operation program, through luxury condos built by real estate developers, both domestic and foreign, in order to provide to the condo owner, added value in terms of service and investment income.

Differentiation + differentiation + differentiation, is the new key principle in real estate business to ensure the investor safety + profitability. Mistik has an oriented vision to provide to the investor safe handling and care of his property and profitability above the traditional rental outlines. It provides owners and guests with exceptional personalized service within the residential units; offering larger spaces, comfort, luxury, and a sensation of freedom from the normal trapped feeling of traditional hotel facilities, however, still maintaining hotel services needed to make your stay pleasant and as if in your own home.

Condohotels are a real estate product that combines two advantages: purchasing apartments and the utilization of them, all in the care of a professional operating company. This generates an income to every owner of the apartment turning out to be an excellent investment option in real estate due to its higher dynamic income than in the traditional rental outlines. Also, the owner has the benefit of using the property at different times of the year. These projects are located in regions of high visitor traffic and places of tourism. Mistik Condohotels & Residences operate luxury condominiums with hotel services through 3 basic rental programs: rental pool, property management, and a fixed rental plan.

Mistik´s approach is based on a commercialization and hotel operation plan that makes it available for families, couples, vacationers and businessmen, both domestic and foreign, ideal for short or longer periods, by maintaining higher standards of quality service, personal attention, luxury, and comfortable places that exceed guest expectations. And at the same, yielding high performance, effective management, trust, and confidence in the management of the properties.